What is WELShift?

WELShift offers a new approach to funding and delivering senior healthcare and housing.

Here is how WELShift would work:

WEL Shift, a model created by Wesley Enhanced Living, integrates housing, long term care (LTC) services and medical care for elderly participants in a continuing care retirement community setting.  Incoming residents pay an entrance fee, and subsequent monthly fees that stay the same over time even if the resident’s service needs increase.  In exchange, enrollees receive housing as well as coordinated long term care and medical care for the remainder of their lives.

Healthy seniors would live in independent housing units.  As their needs change, alternative housing would be provided on-site.  For instance, both assisted living and nursing home care would also be available.  The same fee would be charged to the resident regardless of their level of care, thus protecting them against the high costs of long term care.

The WELShift community, by fully integrating long term care and medical care, would be considered an all-inclusive care community.
  WEL Shift will combine the integrated medical team typical of PACE with the campus-style housing model of a continuing care retirement community.  However, unlike PACE, WEL Shift would offer integrated care to individuals before they become disabled.

Under WEL Shift, Medicaid payments would supplement private resources for residents who exhaust their personal assets and do not have enough income to cover their ongoing monthly expenses.  WEL Shift would pool these Medicaid payments with Medicare-capitated payments and residents’ private resources to cover housing as well as the costs of the full range of acute and LTC service needs.

In summary, WEL Shift creates comprehensive health and housing security by combining existing successful care models (CCRC’s and PACE) with care coordination and disease management programs that promote efficiency and quality.


Financing a New Integrated Model - The Senior Healthcare & Housing Initiative for Transformation (SHIFT), October 2009, prepared by Avalere Health, LLC


For more information about how individuals and organizations can support this compelling, new model for affordable, high- quality health and housing services for seniors, please contact Jeff Petty, President and CEO of Wesley Enhanced Living at jpetty@wel.org.

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