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Congressman Michael Fitzpatrick Introduces Medicare Residential Care Coordination Act in H.R. Bill 2376

Bill to Enable Long-Term Care Models such as WEL SHIFT to Be Demonstrated . . .


Hatboro, PA July 9, 2013 - Wesley Enhanced Living CEO Jeff Petty today praised the work of local US Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick for his introduction of HR 2376, the Medicare Residential Care Coordination Act of 2013. "I'm very pleased that Mike Fitzpatrick is helping to sustain the promise of Medicare and Medicaid with a common-sense approach of building on successful and effective reforms that have a very widespread following in the Commonwealth and around the country. Our seniors need and deserve better care, and better choices. H. R. 2376 will provide both - as well as a substantial savings to the government to help maintain the solvency of the Medicare and Medicaid programs for future generations."


Offering several senior living communities in the Philadelphia area, Wesley Enhanced Living (WEL) has been a highly-regarded service provider for Philadelphia area seniors for over 125 years. WEL CEO Jeff Petty said, "Having worked with Mike on Medicare and Medicaid reforms over the years, I can say that HR 2376 is one of the boldest and most exciting and fundamental reforms we've seen. I look forward to continuing our relationship to pass this vital legislation. Because WEL is a leading innovator in senior living concepts, we have been developing a model, WEL SHIFT, for several years that we would be able to demonstrate because of H.R. 2376."


“The number one fear of seniors is outliving their assets, and H.R. 2376 could actually solve this problem for most American seniors! Seniors would voluntarily choose to move into a new senior community that offers convenient comprehensive health care services to residents to ensure they receive the most appropriate care at the right time. Offering care management services to resident seniors to make sure get the care they need in their own community is actually a lot more efficient than requiring them to be the manage the complex and costly clinical decisions about their own care. And we know seniors will appreciate the assistance and the convenience of this new approach", said Petty.


HR 2376 creates a demonstration project within Medicare and Medicaid that allows states to create new models which offer the health care services of Medicare and Medicaid in a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). Up to 5 states would apply to participate in the demonstration project, which would create new senior communities featuring lifetime health and housing benefits within the existing Medicare and Medicaid programs. Petty stated, “The power of H.R. 2376 is the elimination of the substantial duplication, overlap and inefficiency in the service offerings of the combined programs. For example, we estimate that WEL SHIFT projects savings of more than 25% in Medicare and 20% in Medicaid for the participants of the demonstration project, without assuming any improvements in outcomes which would be nearly inevitable from the paradigm change in the service delivery model encompassed in H.R. 2376.”


Medical homes, care coordination, accountable care organizations and chronic disease management are among the most promising strategies for lowering costs and improving senior health care delivery. H.R. 2376 applies these and other strategies to a residential/community setting to maximize their effectiveness. These new communities would lower the total cost of care for seniors by providing on-site care coordination and disease management services to avoid hospitalizations. An interdisciplinary health care team, led by salaried primary care physicians, would integrate comprehensive primary and post-acute health care services and coordinate acute and specialist care.


“The cost of doing nothing is unbearable,” said Petty. “We are pleased that Congressman Fitzpatrick is proactively creating new and innovative healthcare and housing service delivery models that will be more responsive to seniors’ needs, more accessible to the growing aging population, and a more efficient use of taxpayer resources.”


About Wesley Enhanced Living (WEL)

Wesley Enhanced Living (WEL) continuing care retirement communities are non-profit and faith-based with a mission to deliver a purpose-filled life to residents. Serving approximately 1,200 residents with more than 900 employees throughout Pennsylvania, the Wesley Enhanced Living communities located in Doylestown, Upper Moreland, Pennypack Park, Burholme, Germantown, and Brodheadsville provide various combinations of independent living, personal care services, dementia care, rehabilitation, and skilled nursing services. WEL also manages subsidized senior housing facilities in Northeast Philadelphia.

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